Sydney and Return

The next morning we come together at the airport and greeted relatives alas, in a valley of tears, we board. At 09.30 am we get up in flight to Sydney and Adelaide to see the last time, there will remain 3 days (2 nights). During the flight to Sydney that brings us we enjoy the view below us with vast open spaces where you can see many uninhabited areas. The flight from Adelaide to Sydney is 1 hour and 55 minutes + 30 minutes of time zone. From the plane before landing, you have a magnificent view of the city and its bay. We land in Sydney at 11:55 on 26 January. On 26 January is Australia Day which is a national holiday to commemorate the first landing place in Terra Australis. Australia was first discovered by the Dutch East India Company in 1638 and was given the name New Holland. Then it was discovered in the eastern part in 1771 by Captain James Cook. Once we retrieved the suitcases two floors below where the airport take the train that takes you to Sydney Central Station. The journey takes about 20 minutes. Once at the station and we head out to where you will find our hotel about 15 minutes walk from the station. Without the check-in hotel and deposited the suitcases in the room, we leave to go downtown. Take the bus that brings us close to the Sydney Aquarium, along the way we see that the Australians are very patriotic and in this day of national holiday, have fun to wear anything with the colors of their flag. I got off the bus we head to the aquarium but before we snack because we had come a bit 'of hunger. Look and watch and now at this late hour, we decided to visit the aquarium in the aftermath, as in the evening, at about 20.30, there is a fireworks show that we do not want to miss, to celebrate the 'Australia Day and then seek a suitable place for the best viewing of the show. The area of ​​Sydney where we get to watch the show is the Darling Harbour and it was overflowing with people. At about 20:30 the show begins with sailing boats that run around some buoys and their sails the lights change from red to green to blue and purple. Shortly after starting the fireworks that were set off by buoys in the water and from the tops of the skyscrapers around there. The fires were a wonder that here in Italy we dream! and have earned great applause for it throughout the program. Once we finished the show the way back to the hotel to rest in the aftermath that we
                                                                                                 are  facing a very challenging day
The next morning we take the panoramic City Sightseeing bus stops in Sydney's most popular places in Sydney and is suitable to introduce visitors to the city, is very economical and useful to those who have little time available. Our first stop is the Sydney Aquarium, which is close to Darling Harbour district, this aquarium is the largest in Australia. The path in the 'aquarium shows marine environments with their fish. They are the most species of fish living in Australia. There are also three large transparent tubes protected under glass or walking through the tunnel you can admire the fish swim overhead. In the first tank containing fish typical Australian, magnificent race, the clown fish and others. The second pool is occupied by various breeds of sharks, walking under us a little 'scared with all those sharks, and especially the great white shark swimming around you. For us it was the first time we saw the sharks so close you can touch and it was a wonderful experience. There were giant grouper, turtles, manta rays, which pretty much with their large fins that appear to be wings, seems to caress you. In the third tank instead is the habitat of the reef with all its colorful fish that inhabit it. There are even penguins have their own private pool and outdoor pools where you can see up close. For a complete tour of the aquarium, it took 2 hours. Once out before taking the bus we stopped to eat near there. And after seeing what we could eat so many fish .....? Of course, "fish and chips. Back in the bus to explore the city and the next stop is The Rocks. The district of The Rocks is the oldest and most "in" in Sydney, here are the houses with stones in face view and are beautiful. From here you have a beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and of course the famous bay. From here we decide to walk to the Opera House, which was not far away. Once at the Opera House began taking pictures here and there to immortalize a true icon of Sydney and is a unique place in the world. The Sydney Opera House was built in the twentieth century, and was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973. From what the name implies is basically the Sydney Opera House and is a popular destination for tourists who love the work but also for its strange architecture. It 'was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. The shells in spherical section that make up the roof, can remember the sails of boats that were going on a cruise in the seas of Australia. The concert hall is the large pipe organ with 10,500 pipes. It was installed in 1979 and in 2007 it joined the World Heritage Site. After that we take our panoramic bus that brings us close to our hotel and that's it for today because we are a bit 'tired. The next morning is the last day (what a pity!) Of our trip to Australia, we prepare our bags and go down in the hotel lobby to put luggage in the room and book a shuttle bus at 17.30 there will be a taken to accompany us to the airport, after which we go out and go back to the bus view. Until the last few hours that remain, try to see as much as possible. Let's make the usual round so we can review again the city. We stopped at the Sydney Tower in Sydney to see the city. From the tower you have a wonderful view of the city and its bay. Up there you can also see how big the city of Sydney. Once we came downstairs we decided to take a 'other means of transportation: the tram to the monorail (the monorail), raised that goes around the center and in the midst of skyscrapers. In some ways around this one has the impression of going to crash into skyscrapers, but it passes very close and very funny, almost like being on a roller coaster!. Once off the tram we take the bus that takes us back to the hotel. At 17:30 comes the shuttle bus that picks up and brings us to the airport for our flight back to Italy. While waiting for our departure we climb on the roof terrace and see the city of Sydney in the distance for the last time. At 21:45 we get up in the air above the ground in Australia with 14:50 hour flight to Dubai, the only thing you do, so to speak, is that we fly the new Airbus A380 that can carry up to 800 people. Once in Dubai, after waiting 4 hours, take the flight that takes us to Venice. At 14.30 we landed in Venice. We say that such a trip takes just 45 days are at least 60 days to enjoy Australia (indeed it would be better to move there !!!!). Why air travel is less cumbersome would be necessary to make a stopover of a couple of days both outward and return. If you had to choose between return in my opinion would be better to return. When you leave for your trip you feel that the time for arriavare flights, instead of return time seems to pass ever. In our eyes will be in addition to relatives, the blue sky, beautiful landscapes where gaze goes to infinity, the friendly people and want to return again ................... ..........
Photo                                                        Italian version

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