Australia First Part

Finally it was time to leave for the trip to Australia. As we come together to 'Venice airport, looking out the window we see that is all white with snow, and we think that in a day, the cold will be just a bad memory (alas for only 42 days). After doing all the procedures for boarding the plane and greeted relatives who have accompanied us all 'airport, we head to our gate for departure. At 15.30 on 19-12-10, we start with Australia destination, Dubai is the first step to stand still here one day and see a bit 'the city, for the first time we visit an Arab country for the truth to us very curious. The journey from Dubai to Venice takes about five hours and thirty minutes. We land at 'Dubai airport at about 0:10, the city view from the' plane is a flash of light with all the skyscrapers light and there is really a beautiful view. After you have performed the procedures customs and retrieved your luggage go to the appointment with the person (or people) 's Hotel that there must be picked up. Once you find the people (the 'hotel has its own stand at' airport) warmly welcome us and give us something to drink before leaving. We leave the 'airport and once loaded the luggage we head towards the' Hotel Movenpick, which is only 15 minutes by car. We come to the 'one in the morning and after having recorded all' Hotel Room climb to rest a bit '. The next morning after making a hearty breakfast at the reception of a person 'Hotel asks us what we want to see, we decided to go to market' s Gold (called the Gold Souk) located in the old town.The journey from 'the hotel' s market in gold taxi (which are very cheap and convenient to get around the city) which costs $ 10 and this takes us. It leaves us right next to the market and gives us directions to get there, because we cross two small streets and we are immersed in a myriad of shops with gold in all its forms: necklaces, rings with precious stones, bracelets, watches and even a whole storegold belts and remain completely stunned by the beauty of these artifacts. We have not had the courage to ask the price we think it's "stuff nabobs" and with a great sigh step further. Walking through the streets of the city surrounded by the bustle of merchants, there are also many shops selling spices scents that give us and we realize that we are a country in Eastern Europe. After seeing the market for 'gold we head towards the river Dubai Creek which crosses the city, this is also a seaport.Walking along the river we stop to watch the traditional craft of the place they call "Dhow" that the elder, a sail boat, used mostly for freight. There are also water taxis that carry passengers across the River. In this part of the old town you can see the other side of town, one with many modern skyscrapers and is still expanding.
 Tired of walking along the river, take a taxi and we do go with the "Burj Khalifa" with its 828 meters is the tallest skyscraper in the world and it is our goal to. In place in Dubai is located in the Burj Khalifa there are other skyscrapers around, there is a very nice pond with games of 'water and lights at night, creating a beautiful effect, with a bridge that leads to a typical Arab village called Souk Al Bahar. Do not miss a large shopping center with shops of every kind (jewelry, sports shops, the Gallery La Fayette, etc..) And inside there is also an ice rink. After a refreshing break with a coffee and cake we set off to our appointment. Having little time available, we have our tickets to go up the tower via the Internet, this has been beneficial both for the cost of tickets * for the little time we waited to board the "roof of the world." Ticket if bought over the Internet costs 100 DMR (value € 20 or so per person) but if you want to enter when costs 400 DMR (value € 80 or so per person). At 16 part our tour, we do enter the 'lift and climb the 124 planes at a speed stratospheric (18 meters per second), we arrive at the plan unfolds before a breathtaking view. Dubai is under there, the view stretches from the desert to the sea there is a bit sin 'of mist, perhaps due to desert sand, but of course we can not but be excited about being in a place that is as original and famous. The obligation is to take pictures in quantity, we make around 360 degrees and it's time to get down. Expect the sun go walking along the pond and making the latest photos, so we decide to take a taxi that takes us back to the hotel. Once you get to 'go up in our hotel room to store our souvenirs and then we decide to dine at' hotel. After dinner we decided to do two step out of the 'hotel, to breathe a little' fresh air, in our last night in Dubai before going to bed. On the morning following the day of departure then got up at 7:00, breakfast, and then hurry to the check-out and the shuttle 's Hotel brings us to' airport. The shuttle service to and from the 'airport we had already booked from Italy' because our fear was getting lost because it was the first time we went to a country Eastern Europe and also for the late hour of our arrival (at 0:10) and so we arrived early at the hotel. However, it is a very useful service especially for those with luggage. Movenpick Hotel has a very good value for money, the room was spacious and clean, the bathroom was luxurious with marble of green and black, very polite and friendly staff always ready to meet our demands. We were excited and we feel we can recommend it to those who want a ride (to get there in "only 6 hours away). Once you get all 'airport after check-in and baggage on board, go to the gate for our flight. At 10.20 am we start with the target Australia (Melbourne airport and then to Adelaide). The flight from Dubai to Melbourne takes 13 hours and 25 minutes and 10 hours difference. The trip was quiet and we saw a beautiful view of the Persian Gulf until the sun went down. We tried to get some sleep 'but it is very difficult to sleep on the plane because it is seated and the place is short. In flight at night when we first began to see the city lights we thought we are in Australia and now it is almost . For through it all, from Perth to Melborne, the plane it takes 3 hours, you think how big the 'Australia! We land in Melbourne at 06:35 and after doing the customs clearance of baggage and did it again to check in there Adelaide to embark. During the flight from Melbourne to Adelaide that takes 1 hour and 20 minutes, we see the first Australian landscapes, finally landed in Adelaide at 11.00............

Photo                                        Italian version