JULY 2008
Hello everyone, i will tell you about the cruise in Greece and Croatia, which i have done together with my sister. We Have lots of Venice with the mega cruise ship MSC Music. This ship is almost 300 meters long and 32 wide, has in all16 decks and can carry up to 3013 passengers: practically a country traveling and not to lose you always have the map behind. The first evening, sailing toward Bari, they saw the lights of villages of the coast of Istria very beautiful! The morning we awake and just after breakfast latest with the aid of tugs at the port of Bari. There would be excursions ( city center, Alberobello, S. Giovanni Rotondo, etc. ) But we decide to remain on the ship also to relax a bit in the swimming pools and jacuzzi and sunbathing. Spend the day and in the evening it's already time to start afresh. Surfing at night, you have the feeling of not doing road, but considerest not the morning when you wake up that things have changed: we are in Greece! And practically Katakolon. Today we descend because there is the archaeological site of Olimpia from see. To go to Olimpia there are 2 ways: do the tour organized by MSC ( duration: about 4 hours with the cost of 48 € per head ) or go on our own account. We have taken a taxi with approximately 10 € per head has led us to Olimpia, we waited while us when we were doing the website and then we has taken to the ship. The site of Olimpia and very beautiful for those who love the archeology and is the seat of the first olympic games, held in the year 776 bc every 4 years in honor of Zeus. There are the ruins of brazier in which the priestesses lights flickering the sacred fire of Olimpia, the ' racecourse, the gymnasium and temple of Heraion was dedicated to greek goddess. The Philippeion erected in the 4th century A. C. in honor of Philip II king of Macedonia. Returning to Katakolon our taxi driver points out to us that a large fire devastated a whole hill, on the other hand in Greece, the climate is very dry and very hot ( in July there were 40 degrees ). It is now embarking, we expect about 12 hours of navigation, next half Santorini. In the morning we awake and climbs on the upper deck for breakfast, we remain without words in the magnificent view of the volcanic island. The colors of the reefs are incredible from black to red, from brown to orange to gray, above the cliff the typical villages of Santorini with the white houses and roofs blue. Also in Santorini there are various excursions; there is the possibility to climb the cliff with the cable car, on foot or riding a mule, but the path is very narrow and the mules you cut off the road and throng thee toward the wall. In addition, there are also their "clean bisognini possible" in which it is very easy to fall, you know that smell after'. We have chosen to do the hike proposed by MSC that has a cost of € 50 and lasts about 4 hours. We to take by ship anchored in the harbor and with the tender lead us to the small harbor of Athinios where there is the bus that awaits us. We and our guide begins to speak of the island which is an active volcano and the caldera, surrounds the sea in front of the island, where it is anchored our ship. Climbing the cliff very steep and winding the landscape is really beautiful and evocative. Shortly after we arrive to the enchanting village of Oia we descend by bus and walk to reach the main street of Oia is all paved in marble. Walking, we do a lot of photos because the panorama is truly unique, the street there are many nice little shops that sell typical products of Santorini: olives, chili and souvenirs of local crafts. During the journey there are many trees of bougainvillea flowers color fuchsia and white. At the end of the road, you arrive at the place with the most beautiful panorama of Oia where you can admire the well-known sunset the Aegean sea. Let us return to the bus that brings us to the vineria "Vin Santo", also the magnificent panorama and make us taste 3 types of wine: white, black, pink, with an alcohol content of 14 °. Then we divide up the time of Thira the largest city of the island, visit the beautiful Orthodox Cathedral of Candlemas, Lord, built in 1827 and rebuilt in 1956 after the earthquake. Rich in frescoes with golden colors and icons of end painting. It is now time to return to the ship but before we do a little shopping in the craft workshops and stalls. A good cup of coffee in a bar and then we put in a row (we waited for 1 hour) to take the cableway that brings us to the old port, the tender takes us back to the ship. The visit of Santorini and enchanting sin that there is little time to see it, so we want to minimum 3 days, good excuse to return! With still Santorini in the eyes in the evening we arrive in Mykonos and who wants to can go for a visit. After dinner we went down

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