Adelaide and surroundings & Fleurieu Peninsula

After tour from Adelaide to Melbourne with great success today, after a rest day, we decided to visit the center of Adelaide, and then after breakfast we start to explore the city. Once in town, we go to visit Victoria Square where the center of the square is a beautiful fountain. Then we head Gourger Street where the largest market in Adelaide and is called the indoor Central Market. Inside you will find everything from grocery to clothing to souvenirs, there are also foods that come from all over the world (including Italy). After visiting the Central Market as the most famous walk in Adelaide, King William Street with many fine shops, restaurants and buildings in Victorian Beehive Corner is a building named for her beehive. Another beautiful building is the Town Hall, Adelaide Town Hall with a beautiful coat of arms on the turret. At one point King William Street crosses the pedestrian street called Rundle Mall. This street is a real "godsend" for shoppers is chock-full of all kinds of shops and shopping centers. If you venture inside one of these stores were warned that, so the shop is great, also the exit to another street and then you could lose your sense of direction. Along the avenue there are also some beautiful monuments. During the walk we see many street artists perform with their shows to earn some money. Then we head into another beautiful street called North Terrace, this road is full of historic buildings on one side and the other side is full of skyscrapers, is a really nice contrast. Crossing in front of Old Parliament House and Parliament House. It is then the Government House (the home of Prime Minister of South Australia), the National War Memorial, the Migration Museum (museum dedicated to the many Italian immigrants who sought his fortune in Australia after the war), then there is the State Library, Library was 'Art Gallery of South Australia. This is the way of universities, there is the ' Adelaide University' University of South Australia. Then we head towards the Torrens River through the city. Near the river is the Adelaide Festival Centre and a beautiful park called Elder Park. On January 14 we go to visit the National Motor Museum which is located in Birdwood (Adelaide Hills, the hills around Adelaide), a town 30 km from Adelaide. The museum shows the evolution of cars and motorcycles from their appearance on. Among the various brands of cars are Alfa Romeo and Lancia ..There is also a section devoted to the means of travel in the 'Australian outback.These machines, which are off-road vehicles, have in front of the meter-high arch that serve as a defense against accidents with kangaroos are very common and dangerous, because when you hit a kangaroo, he break the crystal and the strong legs that can kill a man. Inside there is also the machine with which they filmed Mad Max with Mel Gibson in the 80's. All 'carved on a rock outside a car as munument. In another hall have also built a garage in 50's style. Leaving the museum we go for a beer at the West End Beer which has a van on a pole as a sign of the pub. On Sunday we decided to go downtown to Adelaide without being accompanied by our family and we take the bus. Once in Rundle Mall begin to look at the windows looking for souvenirs to take home and then we decide to go see the Museum of Aboriginal Art called Tandanya, this museum is a wonderful collection of paintings made by Aboriginal artists, the works are of real maps indicating their hunting grounds, place in which they live and their lives. Their art is called by their "Dream Time", and are things that are handed down from father to son. Aboriginal Art and culture I think is the most ancient art in the world, they live in their territories for thousands of years and the white man has exterminated them for their land, as it was for American Indians. Now many Aborigines live confined to their reserves for me as absurd that Australia is full of their property. Concluded the visit to the museum take the bus that takes us back home. Now that unfortunately missing a few days at the end of our wonderful trip, the day after we leave to visit on the Barossa Valley famous for wine and was the first valley to cultivate the vines in Adelaide. This valley is about an hour's drive from Adelaide. Down the road we see a lot of wineries. We stopped for lunch at Tanunda, which is at the center of the valley. Let's go eat at the restaurant "The Good Life", within the room there are two maps on the wall, one with the 'Italy and the rest of the world. On the maps there are, at the various countries, red flags and ask the waiter what the meaning of those flags hanging on the maps. The waiter replied that the tourists who want to leave your memories of the place where they come from, just write your name and country and then hang the flag at the point where it is their country. We decide to do it too with lots of photos. Leaving the restaurant with a full belly, we begin to go to visit the most important wineyards the valley. The first wineyards we visit is the "Grant Burge" which was founded in 1855.

In addition to selling wine, a tasting room to sample the wines before you buy and you can take a guided tour to see the maintenance and processing of wine. We climb into the car and moved to the second wineyard that is near and there is the "Rock Ford."After tasting some wines and photos with glass in hand, we leave for another wineyard the "Jacob's Creek.". In addition to this there is even a wine tasting bar, after drinking so much wine, we take a coffee on the outside there is a beautiful garden that overlooks the forest with many types of plants. The "Jacob's Creek" is the official sponsor of the Australian Tennis Open held in Melbourne. Got into the car it's off to the last stop of the day wineyard "Seppltsfield" founded in 1851. Inside the estate, the sides of the road, there are plenty of palm trees. You may wonder what made the palm trees on an estate wine? The owner of wineyard, when there was the great depression of the last century, not to leave home workers decided to let them plant the palm trees. In so doing, the workers kept their jobs and continue to receive the money to support their families. Around the wineyard there is also a picnic area, if you want you can even stay overnight and there is also a guided tour. In the estate there is also the family mausoleum built on top of a hill, just remember the good work done by Mr. Seppltsfield and from here you have wonderful views over the Barossa Valley. We share and we return to town, happy day in the beautiful Barossa Valley with the loot of a dozen bottles of good wine. The following day, at night, we look at the sunset and the city of Adelaide, Mount Lofty, which is 710 meters high. At about 19.30 pm we arrive, well in advance as the sun went down almost at 9 am, at the top of the mountain and we remain fascinated by the beautiful landscape of the city and the view extends to the sea. We observe the sun setting over the sea a new thing for us because we do not have the good fortune to watch the sun set over the sea but in the midst of the houses. Slowly the city lights begin to flash on and give us a good show. Before returning to the fold (house) we stopped in a pub for a drink and to warm up a bit 'because on top of the Mount Lofty was a little' cold, there were about 13 degrees and took a strong wind, fortunately we were well covered with a sweater and jacket.The next morning we set off for Middleton, which is about 100 km from Adelaide.Middleton on the Fleurieu Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas of South Australia. The house where accommodation is located near the ocean and a stunning view. Once we arrived and unloaded their luggage immediately at the beach for swimming. The day passes peaceful sunbathing and swimming. The next morning I get up early to watch the sun rise from the ocean. After breakfast we go back to the beach to swim, we have great fun with the waves that slam against very strong enough to make us fall, in fact there are many surfers with their boards to take delight in the waves and ride them up to shore. Then we make a game of bocce on the beach. In the afternoon we return a bit 'before because we have to go see the little penguins in the evening, and falling from the ocean after spending all day to find food, start to their nests for the night. When you reach the beautiful village of Victor Harbour, we set out to go to Granite Island, where we booked for dinner, before going to do the tour to see penguins. Granite Island is accessible by a bridge, passable on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. As we walk on the bridge we saw many fish including a race and a cloud of anchovies. Arriving at the restaurant while we wait, I'm going to take some pictures, climb the rocks of the island from where you have a wonderful view.While waiting for the dinner we also have the chance to see dolphins playing in the third port and a seal, waiting for the departure of the tour we see the full moon that rises from the sea, leaving a golden reflection on the water. The water goes through the port setting of the sun, from light blue to pink, to our amazement. After dinner at 21, part of our tour to see penguins. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour with a guide that explains all about penguins and at one point, seeing a beautiful scene, a few yards from us we see a female penguin take his two little puppies, very cute! We also see two possums in their nests on the rocks. This tour was very informative and we learned a lot of life Little Penguins of Granite Island. The next morning we get up and the weather is bad and windy and we decided to leave early. We stop at a beach not far from Middleton to collect shells by the sea storm has thrown on the beach. We stopped in Port Elliot and then called The Bluff Head Rosetta which are two beautiful places with breathtaking views. At Victor Harbour we stopped for a snack and do some shopping and then take the road that brings us back to Adelaide. The next day we decide to rest a bit '. The next day we go to see a zoo that houses animals that live in Australia. The zoo is located in the vicinity of Adelaide and is called Cleland Wildlife Park. We picnic in the picnic area near the park and then we go to visit him.Inside there are all animals originating in Australia, including dingoes, kangaroos, emus, wombats, echidnas, cassowary, many types of birds and soft Koala in this zoo can be stroked, so we make some beautiful pictures. The next day we start to pack for our departure imminent. In the evening we are invited to the farewell party with all our parents. We are a bit 'sad because we leave the morrow to visit Sydney, but we have great fun with our family that we are a warm and festive time for dessert, I have a big surprise, come up with a huge cake with burning candles and with the writing in Italian Happy Birthday Mauro! and I sing "Happy Birthday" all together. Well yes I celebrated my birthday in the heat for me in January of odd because usually celebrate with a wool sweater on him. It 'was a great surprise (thanks my wife), I really liked.......

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      Photo: Fleurieu Peninsula - South Australia                        
                 Adelaide and surroundings

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