Australia Second Part

After a couple of days off to recuperate after the trip and the time zone that does not make us sleep well, look at the date on the calendar and we see that it is already Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Eve and we seem to August used to spend Christmas here in the cold it seems a strange thing. Here is Santa Claus in the garden with many flowers and is fun to see the Christmas lights instead of the pines and eucalyptus trees. We spend Christmas Day with relatives that prepare us a nice mixed grill, a counterpart in Italy and Australia is the great feast and the wine flows freely
 On the Monday after St. Stefano go to visit the Adelaide Zoo. Let 's all day to admire the animals. There are about 1,800 animals including two giant pandas, Adelaide Zoo is the 'only in Australia to host the giant pandas. Inside you can watch animal acts and when it is fed. The next day we wake up and I have a surprise: a fever that makes me stay in bed for two days. On 30 December we are going to find a cousin who is 40 minutes by car (this is used to calculate the path to do in minutes rather than miles). Before arriving at the destination we stop for lunch and shopping at Handorf, a village in the German style so much that we seem to be in Bavaria. This country is full of restaurants and pubs as well as craft shops. In the afternoon we arrive by the cousin, who lives in a charming place, the house called "Far Horizons" is over the hill with a beautiful view. In about 10 hectares of land, there are many horses and even a pond.
We are fortunate to attend the first training of a mare by a real cowboy who makes her first walk with weights on your back to make her get used to the weight of man, then caresses and feeds finally when he feels that the mare is ready for a salt bin and rides. Here, the horse is tamed and has been a great thrill for us, spectators in absolute silence, which seemed to be in the movie "The Horse Whisperer." Until, expect to go to dinner, we make two steps for enjoying the scenery and take some pictures. In the evening we dine outdoors while we are fortunate to watch the sunset, the sky was orange, one thing that I had never seen before. After dinner we went to watch the stars, the sky so clear you could see the Southern Cross (constellation with the star of the Southern important for boaters), Orion and you could see the Milky Way with billions of stars, for whom love Astronomy is unique in the southern sky, clear and without the city lights that make it difficult but we are here watching the stars. Last year the party with the relatives and friends, the strange thing is that the stroke of midnight does not fire any shot d 'artifice to avoid the danger of fire. The next day (January 1) go to Glenelg, which is a beautiful seaside town about half an hour from Adelaide. We walk on the white sand and talcum powder so fine that it seems, play a bit 'with the waves of the sea, we would like to swim but the water is a bit' chilly and windy so we decided also to see the city center that is very nice. In the evening we have dinner in a restaurant typical of the 'Australian outback, on the menu I see there's a plate of fried alligator decided to try it and tell me before you eat it you'd better eat me with laughter! When I start eating I remain amazed by the taste of meat that is a cross between chicken and fish, tender and tasty and I would recommend it. On Sundays we go to Adelaide to visit the botanical garden that has many types of plants and flowers from other continents. The following day instead is devoted to preparations for the trip to Melbourne, and then having nothing in the program, go to the Dry Creek River that is near where we live. As we walk along the trail we saw many Rainbow Lorikeet parrots, cockatoos Rosella, and others such as kookaburras flying free.

Photo                              Italian version

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